Tips for Bicycling on the Island of Pag

Pag is a wonderful place for cycling adventures, especially in late spring and early autumn, although you can cycle here all year round. Rains in late autumn and strong storms during winter and early spring are the only things that can prevent you from doing so. During the summer it can be too hot during the day, so the best time to cycle is early in the morning. Asphalted roads on the island are mostly in very good condition. All towns and villages are marked and it is easy to get from one place to another.

Pag is a safe island, and Croatia is generally a safe country – the crime rate is extremely low. There is almost no chance that you will be robbed or attacked on the street. However, don’t forget to lock your bike, just in case. The only real danger is traffic jams, as traffic can be particularly heavy during the summer holiday season.

If you speak English well, you will not have any problems with communication. Almost everyone understands it, and many people speak it fluently, especially in tourist centers such as Novalja and Pag. In these places you will often find people who speak German and Italian. Croats are open and very friendly, so don’t hesitate to approach them and ask for help or directions.

Swimming is possible wherever you manage to jump in! There is no danger, and the sea temperature is pleasant from the beginning of May to the end of October. However, don’t try to swim to shore or to another island – it’s further away than you think!

While cycling around the island, you will most likely need food and drink. Pag is known for its excellent lamb, outstanding extra-virgin olive oil, fresh fish and home-grown vegetables prepared in the Mediterranean way. Do not miss to try some of the local wines.

We wish you safe cycling! Enjoy our beautiful island!