discover caska

Those interested in archeology, history, and historical phenomena will find the Caska Bay area fascinating. On the western shore of Pag Bay in the vicinity of Novalja lies Caska, a small historical town once known as Cissa.

discover Lun

Lun, situated on the picturesque island of Pag, is home to 80,000 olive trees, outlandishly including 1500 wild olives (Olea Oleaster Lat.).

discover novalja

Novalja is a town in Croatia located on the island of Pag. The town is known for its crystal clear water, sandy beaches, and lively nightlife.

discover Stara Novalja

A wide range of modern furnished apartments can be found in Stara Novalja. Located on a gentle slope to the sea, this quiet bay in the northwestern part of the island is sheltered from the Velebit Mountain and it’s surrounded with a series of houses.

discover vidalići

This small apartment complex is located right on the sea, about 4 km outside Novalja. You can enjoy a beautiful view over the Bay of Pag from here. The accommodations are modern and there are many small and attractive beaches. During the hot summer months, there is a constant warm breeze that enhances your stay.

discover Zubovići

In the moon like parts of island Pagt there is  village Zubovići. A charming  village for your šerfect rest.