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Association of Novalja renters

Member of the Association can be a person who is registered as a landlord or member of the household or family of the person who is registered in accordance with applicable regulations as the landlord and that is renting private accommodation in the town of Novalja. 

In 2014 we established the Association of Novalja Renters, aiming to bring together all the owners of private accommodation in Novalja and surrounding area. As a group we are constantly working on improvement of quality and expansion of offers for our customers. Membership in the Association is voluntary.

We are creating better logistics for the property owners through constant education and technical/IT improvements, to raise the level of service and meet the guests’ needs. One of our main goals is raising the level of overall quality of accommodation services in private homes. We are also working on the promotion and marketing of private accommodation renters and the destination itself.


Fulfilling all the needs of our customers in accommodation services. Constantly expanding the number of properties we can offer to our guests. Improving the quality and prolonging the tourist season in Novalja and northwestern part of Pag island. Modernizing the services and going digital with our booking and promotion.