Tips For Biking On Pag

Pag is a wonderful place for biking adventures, especially in late spring and early autumn.

Pag is a wonderful place for biking adventures, especially in late spring and early autumn, though you can take a bike ride throughout the whole year. Late autumn rainfalls and strong “bura” winds during winter and early spring are the only obstacles. During summer it might get hot, so the best time to ride is early morning. Paved roads on our island are generally in very good condition. All the towns and villages are signed and it is easy to get from one place to another.

Pag is a safe island, and Croatia is generally a safe country – the crime rate is quite low. There is almost no risk of street robbery or any kind of physical assault. However, do not forget to lock your bike, just in case. The only real danger is the road traffic, that can be really dense during summer holiday season.

If you are fluent in English, you will have no problem in communication. Almost everyone understands it and quite a large number of people speak it fluently, especially in the tourist centers such as Novalja or Pag. German and Italian speakers are also common in those places. Croatian people are open and quite friendly so there is no problem in approaching them to ask for help or directions.

Swimming is possible everywhere you can get in! There are no hazards and the water temperature is cozy from early May until late October. However, do not try to swim your way to the coast or to another island – it is farther than you think!

While you are biking on the island, there is a good chance you will need food and refreshment. Pag is famous for its excellent lamb, superb extra-virgin olive oil, fresh fish and the home-grown vegetables cooked in Mediterranean style. Do not miss a chance to try some fine local wine, too.

We wish you a safe bike trip! Enjoy our wonderful island!

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